Behind the eight ball

Well, this week has been interesting. Internet has been sketchy at best, so I’ve barely had chance to do anything online. I’m currently hot spotting my phone, which I hit my 1GB data limit on, so is running on slow speeds; only 1/8 of the websites I visit will actually load.

It’s made it all but impossible to do blog posts, or any book research. Which is also frustrating, because I have a fantasy series I’ve been working on. Now that characters are established, it needs some hefty world building. Which means a lot of research.

I apologise to those that follow this blog; I imagine some of you have all but forgotten who I am by this point – or you’re really enjoying the lack of emails saying there’s a new post out, haha.

My wife and I are moving to a new house over the weekend, and with that comes new internet. I just hope and pray it’s more stable than the internet here. There are a ton of extremely exciting things I want to tell you guys about, and I hope they’re not just exciting to me.

Have a Happy Easter everyone!



Cooking for colds

Cooking for colds

My wife and I are sick, so for our date night I whipped up a coconut chicken curry. Loads of ginger, garlic and chilli. Mmmmm.

Brittany treated us to a dessert of boiled garlic water. We stood, towels draped over our heads, sniffing the fumes.

But the real treat? That came once the water cooled. Continue reading “Cooking for colds”

18 things that make Saipan home

18 things that make Saipan home

Happy New Year, folks! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years.

To those wonderful people who follow my blog, apologies for the lack of posts. My wife and I were in the States for Christmas and a restating of vows/wedding ceremony for her family to attend. I hoped to get some more time to post while gone, but it was too busy.

Being on the mainland for a few weeks was fun and we loved it. Getting to see a few movies in the cinema, shops that had what you needed (for low prices), and cool weather were all great…

But it wasn’t home.  Continue reading “18 things that make Saipan home”