Mix it Up Monday: Where are the “ziplocs”….

Hah! This post rings so true for me. It is a big challenge to move to another country because of this. I don’t know if I’ll be able to give up Vegemite though. I will have to keep putting in orders to my family to make sure I remain well stocked.

Foreign at 50

One of the most challenging aspects to moving to a new country is that the products you knew and used before, even on a daily basis, is nowhere to be found in your new country.

I have found Denmark to be so progressive, beyond measure to some things in the US, but in other aspects, they lack the things I took for granted.  The best example of this is ziplocs.  I have for years been bringing ziplocs with me every time I traveled to Denmark.  My husband as well would pack boxes of them to bring back with him.  For years the only bags you could get just had a tie at the top so they would not hold anything that could spill, much less give you the ability to freeze food!  I will admit, in the US I found myself buying in bulk and using ziplocs to freeze food…

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