Built in Cleanometer

So the new kitchen has a built in Cleanometer. I must say, it is incredibly effective. The slightest sign of food left out and it goes off. Dishes have to be 100% clean when put away or you’re in trouble.

To be honest? I do love that. It helps my somewhat lazy self remain motivated about a chore I do not enjoy: keeping the kitchen clean. I’m one who can leave dishes sitting for 24 hours and do them once a day. But I don’t have that option here. Gotta clean them straight away and make sure the benches shine.

But there’s something I hate about this Cleanometer.

The Cleanometer is ants.

Swarms of tiny, little ants. And, from what I’m told, they’re fire ants. If the kitchen is spotless, there are no ants. If there is food around or dirty dishes, there are ants.

I don’t like ants, so I guess I need to keep the kitchen clean.


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