Today on Mix It Up Monday we have an excellent post by a fellow LDRBN blogger, Tammy about staying safe with internet friendships. If you’re thinking of meeting someone you met online in person for the first time, this is a great read.

Tammy vs World

With the recent explosion of this post, I felt I needed to make a post about how not to get murdered by someone you met off the internet (just kidding, but seriously, be safe!).

1. Get to know them REALLY well

  • Hobbies
  • Job
  • University/College/High School
  • Family
  • Pets
  • Friends
  • Future aspirations
  • Their intentions (if they want to get with you or just be friends)
  • Full name and what country or city they are from
  • Talk to then for MONTHS if you need to in order to feel like you really, truly know them.
  • For further reassurance, introduce them to your friends so they can also talk and gauge their character.
  • If the person seems nice and as if they are telling the truth, move to #2. If they are creepy, stop here.
  • Don’t give out valuable personal info such as your home address.

2. Confirm their identity 

This is where internet…

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