Mix it up Monday! The time of the week where I share a great post by a fellow LDR blogger. Today’s post had my wife and I crying with laughter. So many great truths about LDRs. Enjoy!

Christina Michelle Speaks

It’s officially been two years and some change, since Alex and I first started dating long distance. There have been tears, laughter, and lots of plane tickets along the way. I’ve learned a few things  and thought it would be a good idea to start the 2016 year off sharing 16 (great and not-so-great), truths about long distance relationships.

1. You have a relationship with your phone.


The only way to really spend time together is via phone and/or video chat. Hearing your phone ring or vibrate brings excitement because it may just be your boo calling.

2. Visiting can be complicated and costly.


Whether you commute via plane, train, bus, or car, the cost of visiting each other starts to add up. We buy our tickets ahead of time and use mileage points, but it still ain’t free!

3. It can be REALLY awkward when you visit each other the first…

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