Happy New Year, folks! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years.

To those wonderful people who follow my blog, apologies for the lack of posts. My wife and I were in the States for Christmas and a restating of vows/wedding ceremony for her family to attend. I hoped to get some more time to post while gone, but it was too busy.

Being on the mainland for a few weeks was fun and we loved it. Getting to see a few movies in the cinema, shops that had what you needed (for low prices), and cool weather were all great…

But it wasn’t home. 

Home is:

  1. Crazy tourists who wait to pull out in front of you until you’re just metres away.
  2. Watching people park on the lines, not between them.
  3. A beach side drive with a view of perfect blue ocean and merchant marine ships sitting beyond the reef.
  4. Being able to watch ocean sunrises and sunsets in the same day.
  5. A car that runs on rust.
  6. Using a jam jar as a toothbrush holder.
  7. A toilet that screams at you when flushed.
  8. Running into someone you know every time you go out.
  9. The 80-100% humidity and summer all year round.
  10. Visiting three different shops to do your weekly groceries because no one store has it all…
  11. …but some employees know you by name.
  12. A place where thongs (flip flops for you Americans) are almost considered dress-wear.
  13. Frequent power outages that can last hours.
  14. Daily rain.
  15. Watching weather sites like a hawk for typhoon warnings.
  16. Anything more than 10 minutes being a long drive.
  17. Having to explain to your friends and family where you live because they’ve never heard of it.
  18. Talking to someone overseas about Saipan and getting excited just because they’ve heard of it.

The list could go on; the longer I live here the more I love the place. It’s weird, it’s quirky, and I could list as many things that annoy me as things I love. But that’s part of what makes this place so unique, and I couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable place to start married life.


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