How to survive moving overseas

How to survive moving overseas

One of the best pieces of advice I received as I prepared to close the distance with Brittany was given by a friend a couple of weeks before I left Australia.

It’s not often one has their plate completely emptied and gets to start afresh. Be careful what you put back on it.


I’m a guy who finds it difficult to say no to people. If I’m asked to do something, I often say yes before I think about how it will impact my schedule, or my sanity. It’s got me into all kinds of trouble in the past, leading to failed commitments and pulling out of projects. Continue reading “How to survive moving overseas”


“I’ll never do long distance again…”

“I’ll never do long distance again…”

“Nope. Been there, done that. It hurt.” I pushed back from my desk and stood. “So what that she sent me a smile and message? It’s not worth it.”

One failed long distance relationship doesn’t mean all will fail.

“Whatever,” I said, as I paced my music studio under the house, annoyed at the small, calm voice that was thwarting my arguments. “Okay, so lets say for the sake of argument I did learn a thing or two in my last relationship; this situation is totally different. This girl lives thousands of kilometres away – in a different country! The potential issues and difficulties are endless.” Continue reading ““I’ll never do long distance again…””

Mix it up Monday: The Bride Life

Mix it up Monday: The Bride Life

This post really resonants with me. I remember feeling similar while waiting to marry my fiancée. It was a good reminder today of making sure to prioritise my relationship with God over my relationship with Brittany.

The Invisible Star

I am an engaged man. Yes, I am no longer dating, but am currently engaging my lovely fiancee, Lawrencia, and have been since February 1, 2015. For the last five months, we have been engaging each other twelve time zones apart. I am in Indonesia. She is in America.

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Decades of possessions, two suitcases

Decades of possessions, two suitcases

I haven’t been around for that long, in the grand scheme of things. But I have been around long enough to collect a few grey hairs and a ton of possessions. When it finally came time to pack up my life in Australia and move overseas, I had the excruciating job of working out what to keep, and what to get rid of. Continue reading “Decades of possessions, two suitcases”

Mix it up Monday: 16 Truths No One Tells You About an LDR

Mix it up Monday: 16 Truths No One Tells You About an LDR

Mix it up Monday! The time of the week where I share a great post by a fellow LDR blogger. Today’s post had my wife and I crying with laughter. So many great truths about LDRs. Enjoy!

Christina Michelle Speaks

It’s officially been two years and some change, since Alex and I first started dating long distance. There have been tears, laughter, and lots of plane tickets along the way. I’ve learned a few things  and thought it would be a good idea to start the 2016 year off sharing 16 (great and not-so-great), truths about long distance relationships.

1. You have a relationship with your phone.


The only way to really spend time together is via phone and/or video chat. Hearing your phone ring or vibrate brings excitement because it may just be your boo calling.

2. Visiting can be complicated and costly.


Whether you commute via plane, train, bus, or car, the cost of visiting each other starts to add up. We buy our tickets ahead of time and use mileage points, but it still ain’t free!

3. It can be REALLY awkward when you visit each other the first…

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